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  1. NEXX X.G10 GARAGE PURIST open face helmet black matt XXL
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    NEXX NEXX X.G10 GARAGE PURIST open face helmet X.G10 GARAGE PURIST open face helmet
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Finding the best motorcycle helmet is not easy with a limited budget. Nexx helmets are one of the favourites when safety and quality are at the forefront. This is proven by Nexx helmets again and again in test results, where a motorcycle helmet from Nexx can be found in the top rankings. F The terrain in which the biker usually resides plays a key role in the purchase decision for a Nexx helmet. explains among other things whether a full face helmet or an open face helmet is the better choice, and what features a top motorcycle helmet should have.



Since the company was founded in 2001, the Nexx helmets have been operating in the truest sense of the word. The designers use the best material from the outset, both in the processing of the helmet shell and in the interior. Also, Nexx helmets always draw attention to themselves by a particularly striking and stylish design. Especially the ladies motorbike helmets which had the designers already in focus. On the scooter to school, to the University or the next café, the Nexx open face helmet in the Swarovski look - is an absolute eye-catcher. These examples also show that the Nexx open face helmet is more suitable for city trips or a ride on the scooter. Motorcyclists speeding round the motorways in full motorcycle leathers will give preference to a Nexx full face helmet . However, no motorcycle driver will even come up with the idea of using an open face helmet during cold temperatures. However, thanks to the favourable prices at and the discount offers, a good full face helmetwill not burn a hole in your pocket



Before a Nexx helmet can leave the factory, it is put to the test Helmet shell and equipment tested. Even if Nexx helmets visually convince, they should protect in a possible accident Then off into the corresponding section of the impact resistance test of the helmet shell. The HIC value (Head Injury Criterion) is calculated as a result of the acceleration value and further parameters, which is regarded as revealing in medical practitioners and biomechanics to make statements about possible brain-injury injuries. A motorcycle helmet from Nexx must also convince with the inner life and the ventilation. Nexx motorcycle helmets must sit comfortably, be assured of the field of view without compromises. The anti fog and scratch-resistant visor harmonise with the sun visor, and ultimately every gramme of weight is a purchase incentive.



If you do not want to use so-called "cheap helmets" for reasons of security and prefer quality and exceptional design, Nexx helmets are the one for you. Whether at the motocross, for the city trip or holiday trip, Nexx helmets as well as wide range of other top quality motorbike helmets are available in the online helmet shop at in all variations and sizes. Because, of course, we want the Nexx helmet to fit perfectly and provide a size table so you can have the best service experience. Simply measure your head circumference and choose the optimal motorcycle helmet from Nexx. Our wish at is that you have fun with biking