Motorbike suits for women



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Motorcycle suit women

Anyone planning a motorcycle tour also needs the right motorcycle clothing that protects against accidents and at the same time keeps out the cold, wind and rain. Motorcycle suits for women, which are either one-piece or two-piece in our range, are particularly popular.

What should you look out for when buying a motorcycle suit for women?

Since protective motorcycle suits for women are used for as long as possible, you should make sure that the product is of the best quality and fits perfectly before buying. The material thickness, the quality of the seams and the material play an important role. In our range you will find high-quality leather suits for women from well-known manufacturers such as Dainese or Spidi as well as practical rain suits for women from Macna or Ixon.

An optimal fit also guarantees you sufficient safety in the event of a fall, because only then are the protectors in the right place to protect you. With adjustable protectors you are on the safe side, because you can adapt them perfectly to your body size.

Make sure you have enough freedom of movement by trying on the women's motorcycle suit with matching motorcycle underwear. However, the station wagon shouldn't sit too loosely. If you find that a one-piece suit does not fit due to your proportions, we recommend that you use a two-piece suit. This consists of a separate jacket and pants, which can also be used independently of each other.

In summary, your ladies motorcycle suit should:

Ladies' suit made of leather or textile - which is best?

Motorcycle suits for women are made from different materials. Depending on what you value, leather suits are particularly popular. The robust material is abrasion-resistant, more robust compared to textile suits and offers more safety.

On the other hand, textile suits such. B. Rain suits in wind and weather for good protection and are a little more breathable and lighter than leather suits, which can be particularly advantageous in summer. No matter what you are looking for - you will find it in our range at!

Find your ideal motorcycle suit for women on Helmexpress

Are you looking for a protective motorcycle suit that impresses with a perfect fit and high-quality workmanship? Then you have come to the right place at Helmexpress! Our models from various brand manufacturers offer the ideal women's combination for every taste and every requirement. Together with the right motorcycle helmet for women and robust motorcycle gloves, you are well equipped for your next motorcycle tour.