HJC I100

Flip-up helmet HJC i100 - the inexpensive quick-change artist

It is a bit like squaring the circle - freedom-loving bikers want the most open riding experience possible, but want to be optimally protected "all around". A clear case for the new flip-up helmet HJC i100 from the South Korean think tank. On this page we will tell you what the modular helmet from HJC has to offer in its helmet shell and why you will soon no longer want to do without the new i100 from the “Multi and Klapp” product family.

I100 BEIS flip-up helmet


HJC I100 BEIS flip-up helmet
I100 BEIS flip-up helmet
Instead of 359,90 € Price €323.90


i100 MATT flip-up helmet
HJC i100 MATT flip-up helmet
i100 MATT flip-up helmet
Instead of 319,90 € Price €239.15
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Modular helmet HJC i100 - approved for both driving styles

With a look at the homologation, it quickly becomes clear: You will only be happy with a modular helmet if the open-top driving actually "works". Which means in detail that the flip-up helmet must have what is known as P / J dual homologation. This is exactly the case with the new modular helmet from HJC. Thanks to its fully rotatable chin guard, the HJC i100 can be driven in both closed and open mode. The visor and sun protection play in the same intelligent league.

The visor is arranged in such a way that it is always well protected when the chin section is folded back. It is even provided with an anti-scratch coating, Pinlock Ready and offers 99% UV protection. With the ratchet system, the anti-fog visor can easily be brought into the desired position, even when wearing gloves. And the sun visor? A handle to the toggle switch and the sun visor is extended. Speaking of glasses and good visibility: Even those who wear glasses are impressed by the new HJC i100 flip-up helmet, as there is enough space for the temples.

Flip-up helmet HJC i100 - helmet shell and interior equipment

Those who prefer an airy, light driving feeling don't want a motorcycle helmet that weighs too much. Here, too, the HJC designers are convincing. Thanks to the advanced polycarbonate composite shell, the modular helmet i100 is light and yet very solid and robust. Three shell sizes ensure that the flip-up helmet fits every head perfectly. ACS then stands for Advanced Channeling Ventilation System and alludes to the ingenious construction of the air ducts. The lower and upper ventilation openings can be regulated with two toggle switches, which ensure that heat and moisture are drawn out of the helmet by means of flow behavior. Even in midsummer, bikers always keep a cool head.

But more is needed for a good “helmet climate”. For example, good hygienic conditions. The head and cheek pads of the Super Cool interior are removable and washable at 30 ° C. At the same time, Super Cool has the property of being slightly antibacterial and also wicks moisture away from the face. There is no need to forego communication while on vacation or when strolling through town on a scooter. Because the flip-up helmet HJC i100 is prepared for SMART HJC Bluetooth. Then it should be mentioned that the HJC i100 is already certified according to the new test standard ECE 22.06. As is well known, the test conditions are being tightened again in order to make motorcycle helmets even safer than they already are.

Our conclusion: the HJC i100 flip-up helmet proves to be a real quick-change artist and offers two helmets for the price of one. Up