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The fitting of a motorcycle helmet plays a significant role in safety. A tight Motorbike Helmet is a not much good if it always presses against your head and causes headaches. It must not be too tight or too loose, but as a little girl once said "just right" Order cheap motorcycle helmets, which offer an excellent fit and best comfort from Helmexpress. Glasses wearers should visit motorbike helmets for glasses. Even if you order your motorcycle helmet for a very low price, you should always check that the inner lining is removable. This is the only way to wash your motorbike helmet in peace. After several summers on the road, even the best breathable helmets can get uncomfortable. Therefore, it is nice to know you can remove the lining of your motorbike helmet and stick it into the wash. For very sunny days, it is recommended that you use either a Motorcycle helmet with sun visor or a half face helmets with visors



The name "Motorcycle Helmet with Flip Up Visor" is usually a little misleading for beginners. Because the actual visor, i.e., the clear or tinted screen, is folded upwards on the outside of the helmet. When a motorcycle helmet is used with a folding front, this is called a Flip Up Helmets or Front Flip Helmet

What is a Flip Up Helmet? With this motorcycle helmet, the rider cannot just see through the viewing window, but the complete front section can flip up giving the rider a greater viewing perspective. This special motorcycle helmet with visor is perfect for motorbike touring and open face helmet riding and promises tremendous comfort advantages in summer.

Helmets with visors, Half Helmets, Jet Pilot Helmets, Full Face Helmets, Skullcaps and 3/4 helmets are all available from Helmexpress.com. The face is much better protected with a full face motorcycle helmet than a half helmet and motorcycle goggles. By having a full face helmet or front flip helmet you are protected from loose chippings on a freshly tarred road, insects or simply keeping out the cold.



The quality of the helmet visor also plays an important role when you want to buy a motorcycle helmet online. The visor protects the eyes from stones, shards of glass or small insects. It also reduces the strength of the wind, so that your eyes will not water. Therefore it is advisable to look for a motorcycle helmet with a visor. An alternative is a motorcycle helmet with goggles. A large part of the motorcycle helmets at Helmexpress have an integrated anti-fog visor and anti-glare visor. These ensure perfect visibility, even in severe sunshine or bad rainy weather. After you buy your motorcycle helmet, motorcycle maintenance should always be on your mind. The visor is one of the replaceable parts of a helmet and should be replaced at regular intervals. Buy a motorbike helmet, where the visor can easily be removed and replaced. Further useful accessories for motorcycle helmets can be found under Motorcycle helmet accessories.



Since a motorcycle is much more exposed on the road, a motorcycle helmet should, therefore, provide maximum safety of the driver, one should only buy high-quality motorcycle helmets. In addition to the safety aspect, the functionality of the motorcycle helmet also plays an important role. You can buy Bluetooth Helmets on Helmexpress where the Bluetooth intercom system is already integrated. This allows you to easily communicate with your riders during motorcycle touring and concentrate on the road at the same time. Essential is a ventilated motorcycle helmet since otherwise you can sweat and heat up very quickly. Especially on warm summers, when it is particularly fun to tear up the road, a well-ventilated motorbike helmet can be worth its weight in gold.



In our UK motorcycle helmet shop, there is a wide selection of brands and models available. Here you will find the right helmet for your motorcycle. Discover our wide range of brands. Helmet manufacturer work on developing high-quality helmets with racing drivers, in order to further improve current safety standards. Other known brands such as HJC Helmets with the HJC is 17, the Schuberth Helmets such as the Schuberth C3 Pro and Schuberth C4 or Shoei Helmets like the Shoei Neotec and Shoei GT Air, test their products with the utmost effort to provide you with the safest helmets in the world. The range in our online UK motorcycle helmets store consists of high-quality, comfortable and EU regulated helmets. So if you want to buy the best motorcycle helmets, then you are in the right place at Helmexpress.



If you are unsure about the helmet size you wear, our Online Motorcycle shop offers you a detailed size chart. Simply measure the circumference of your head, and you can see which size suits you best. If you want a particularly strong helmet, we advise on the Kevlar or Carbon Motorcycle Helmets which are an ultra strong but ultra light helmet. It is all about style with a matte black Motorcycle helmet, black motorbike helmets are the order of the day, but of course, there are a range of other cool colours available such as green, blue, orange, pink and grey.



At helmexpress.com the motto is: buy cheap motorcycle helmets and still be safe on the road. Therefore only ECE helmets (ECE = Economic Commission Europe) are listed in the assortment with only a few exceptions. There is a good reason for this, however. The ECE helmet is based on a European regulation designed to provide greater road safety. To meet the current version 22-05, it has to fulfil certain criteria during the helmet test. " ECE Helmets " provide among other things: size and shape of the cushioning shell as well as the chemical resistance of the outer shell. The size of the field of view and penetration resistance of the visor; Load capacity of the chin strap and shock absorption test at defined points (chin, forehead, upper head, side and back of the head). The so-called Braincap or Skull Cap therefore cannot be an approved ECE motorcycle helmet. These Skullcaps are fine and are a good thing at relevant events like Biker Rallies. For reasons of safety and insurance reasons, however, bikers should choose an ECE helmet. At helmexpress.com, ECE motorcycle helmets are available in a huge selection - even some of the ECE regulated helmets come in nostalgia look.


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