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Having a correct and comfortable fitting helmet is vital for your safety  comfort. The way to measure your head size for a helmetIs by using a measuring tape. Measure approximately  1inch (2.5cm) above your eyebrows (forehead) and around the complete circumference of your head. Ensure the tape measure is a cloes fit and measure  few times to ensure you get the correct size.  All helmets sold on are certified and labelled with a European ECE 22.05 highest safety standards. For every secure und complete equipment there should always be a custom-fit helmet. Which is availale bicycle or motorcycle helmets, security should always be on first position. Thankfully, our helmets depend on the ECE 22.05 high safety standarts. Helmexpress does not only stand for security statements, also for comfort and equipments.

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Wide range of Helmets

Helmexpress offers you a wide range of helmets in different types and key features. Our size table in this helm-shop will help you to chose the right sized helmet. For example the SHARK EVO-ONE, a perfect aerodynamics helmet with numerous stream dynamics, which cut down wind noises to the minimum. 

Buy secure Helmets on good terms on Helmexpress

Buying a new helm on Helmexpress, you can chose from a variety of models. Certainly classic is the Full-Face Helmets, offer the maximum in protection. These are ideal for ownhill and aggressive trail riding. They offer extra protection for your chin, teeth and cheeks. Open-face helmets has grown in a well known vintage establishment  within the Cafe Racer, Cruiser and Scooter communities and has provided a variety of styles. Between the retro-biker, Harley Rider or Scooter/Urban market the Open-Face Helmets comes in traditional but keeping it cool styles with maximum pretection needed.

Buy a helmet by helmexpress

In our helmet-shop you`ll find the perfect Helmet in your price range for your hobby. Optimal accident prevention and high comfort display. Even if you are an endurist with a Motorcross Helmet, a Mountainbiker, Rider- and Ski professional, with the perfectly fit Helmets by Helmexpress, e.g a new visor for your motorcycle helmet. You want to be in contact with your friends during a roadtrip? Then you will find beside the perfect helmet also the fitting headset in our assortment.

Affordable helmet shop for bikers and athletes

In Germany there is a helmet law for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. It may not be any helmets, but they must be built according to the specifications of the current ECE standard. In the ECE standard is a European regulation that specifies certain guidelines that helmets must be built for motorcycles. So if you want to buy helmets, then you should make sure that they comply with the current standard. Through the ECE test you can assume that you are wearing a quality and safe helmet on his head. In our helmet shop you will find a wide range of models, which offer even more safety thanks to its innovative features.

Helmexpress: your Helmet shop

Looking for a new light weight helmet with better ventilation and ideal security? So you are at the right place.You`ll recieve the latest Helmet segments. Subschribe  our Newsletter in able to recieve what we have instore. You can reach by phone and via email or by using our contact form which you`ll find on our website. Additionally as certified online shop for our  clients we provide diversity payment options, making your shoping trip on Helmexpress as comfortable as possible. Series

The helmet shop helmet Express carries out a wide range of motorcycle helmets and many other helmets; Accessories & garments from the bike shop, ski shop and rider Store.

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