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Motorbike suit - the safe alternative

The right clothing plays a decisive role in motorcycling safety. A high-quality motorbike suit makes an important contribution to preventing injuries in the event of a fall or unwanted contact of the knees with the ground. Whether one-piece, two-piece, leather or textile, a stylish combi should not be missing from any biker's wardrobe.

Motorbike combos - much more than a fashion statement

Motorbike suits are first and foremost an important contribution to the safety of bikers. Protectors in key places offer protection from injury in crucial situations. Reflective inserts increase visibility and thus help to avoid critical encounters with other road users. And if such a combination also looks cool, that certainly can't hurt either.

For many motorcyclists, a smart combi is just as much part of the basic biker's equipment as a helmet and gloves. When choosing the right leather suit for men, there is one basic question that needs to be answered first. Should the good piece be one-piece or two-piece? If the focus is on practical considerations, the two-piece will certainly come out on top. If the focus is on fit and comfort, the one-piece can hardly be beaten.

In any case, the advantages of a combi over individually assembled components should not be underestimated. If jacket and trousers are freely combined, the perfect fit is not always given. In both a two-piece men's suit and a women's motorbike suit, the individual parts are perfectly matched to each other. This increases wearing comfort and thus also safety.

A motorbike suit - indispensable for real bikers

Regardless of whether you choose an overall or a separable motorcycle suit, from a safety point of view both alternatives have decisive advantages over normal clothing. As a rule, a motorbike overall has protectors in all areas that are exposed to particular stresses in the event of a fall. A safe motorbike suit has protectors made of different materials at different points.

In any case, the protectors should particularly protect the following parts of the body

  • the knees
  • the elbows the shoulders
  • and the hips

A motorbike suit made of leather is also characterised by its high durability. The robust natural material forgives many a mishap without causing permanent damage. The full functionality of leather suits usually remains intact even when they have been given a patina due to use by small scuffs or light abrasions.

Not only supple leather, but also some modern textile materials offer bikers effective protection against wind and weather. Many motorbike rain suits today are made of high-quality textile fabrics that also promise adequate protection against wetness and wind. Due to their low weight and space-saving packing dimensions, they can be taken along on trips as additional protection.

Buy a motorbike suit at a low price and then go on tour relaxed

A leather motorbike suit is characterised by both its safety features and its durability. Investing in a high-quality motorcycle suit usually pays off even after many years. In our online shop, you will therefore find a large selection of motorcycle suits that not only stand out for their exceptional quality, but also for their exceptionally good price-performance ratio.

However, in order to be able to go on tour relaxed, not only the material quality and a good price are important. The fit of a motorbike suit is crucial for comfort. That's why we offer them not only for the different needs of men and women, but also for the next generation of bikers. If the little ones often come along on the trip, a children's leather suit is indispensable. Because their safety should be especially close to our hearts.