Hjc I90

Hjc I90

The tour “works” again very well with a special motorcycle helmet. Because with the new flip-up helmet HJC i90, the HJC designers prove that improvements are constantly being made in the in-house research and development center. We'll tell you what's in the new HJC i90 flip-up helmet and why this touring and city helmet guarantees pure driving pleasure.

Table of Contents Hjc i90
01. comfort
02. Ventilation
03. Homologated
04. Conclusion
05. Data sheet
i90 DAVAN flip-up helmet
HJC i90 DAVAN flip-up helmet
i90 DAVAN flip-up helmet
Price €229.90
I90 LARK flip-up helmet
HJC I90 LARK flip-up helmet
I90 LARK flip-up helmet
Price €239.90
i90 SEMI flip-up helmet
HJC i90 SEMI flip-up helmet
i90 SEMI flip-up helmet
Price €196.00
I90 WASCO flip-up helmet
HJC I90 WASCO flip-up helmet
I90 WASCO flip-up helmet
Price €229.90
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HJC I90 top equipment

Flip-up helmet HJC i90 - when the "little brother" comes out big

If you hold the HJC i90 in your hands after unboxing, the design reminds you of its big brother, the RPHA 90S. The good news: Although the HJC i90 is in a cheaper segment, bike enthusiasts don't have to do without safety and comfort. As expected, the designers of the HJC i90 flip-up helmet opted for a shell made of polycarbonate, which makes this modular helmet light and yet robust. The chin part is unlocked with one movement and moves upwards. The special thing about it: the chin part is beautifully integrated into the design language of the flip-up helmet. The characteristic “thick cheeks” of an ordinary modular helmet cannot be seen here - the HJC i90 is slim and chic.

HJC i90 Sportive Design

The sporty design is also supported by the ventilation inlets and outlets. The front "triangle" ventilation element is very stylish and can be easily adjusted to control the air supply even when wearing gloves - which also applies to the upper vents and is perfected in the gill-like air outlets. The clear, scratch-resistant and Pinlock-prepared visor offers a large field of vision and can be changed in no time using the RapidFire exchange system. A sun visor is also on board. The tried and tested HJC SuperCool, which is antibacterial, removable and washable, is used for the inner lining and cheek pads.

HJC I90 in different colors
HJC I90 optimized ventilation

HJC i90 flip-up helmet double homologated

The flip-up helmet HJC i90 is ECE 22.05 certified and approved as a jet helmet as well as a full face helmet (P / J homologated).
That means, in addition to the hot ride on the country roads, you can also use the HJC i90 when it is unfolded for easy cruising in the city - and you are legally on the safe side.
With the optional HJC Bluetooth system you also play in the first league in terms of communication.

HJC I90 conclusion

Conclusion: The HJC i90 is an inexpensive flip-up helmet that is suitable for both tourers and city bikers.

HJC I90 communication

Data sheet for the HJC I90

  • X-MATRIX outer shell
  • 3 bowl sizes available (XXS-S | ML | XL-XXXL)
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Morfofit technology of the cheek pads
  • Optimal sound insulation
  • X-SWIFT quick release visor mechanism
  • NEXX X.COM 2 intercom system prepared
  • X.MART DRY materials
  • Double homologation full face and jet (P / J)
  • Weight: 1650 g +/- 50 g