Once again, the designers at SHARK are showing the (shark) teeth of the competition and are shaking up the motorcycle helmet market with the revolutionary SHARK X-DRAK jet helmet. Not only fans of the brand are enthusiastic, because the new open face helmet offers a whole range of advantages. Helmexpress takes a detailed look at SHARK's Metro Division and lists the positive properties. It quickly becomes clear that the SHARK X-DRAK jet helmet should develop into a bestseller for both city and off-road applications.

Table of contents Shark S-DRAK


X-DRAK HISTER open face helmet
SHARK X-DRAK HISTER open face helmet
X-DRAK HISTER open face helmet
Instead of 298,90 € Price €127.42


X-DRAK BLANK MATT open face helmet
SHARK X-DRAK BLANK MATT open face helmet
X-DRAK BLANK MATT open face helmet
Instead of 278,90 € Price €152.92


X-DRAK THRUST-R open face helmet
SHARK X-DRAK THRUST-R open face helmet
X-DRAK THRUST-R open face helmet
Instead of 298,90 € Price €160.65
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The equipment features of the SHARK X-DRAK

optimal ventilation system thanks to circulation in the Shark X-Drak

Helmet shell and ventilation system

With the SHARK X-DRAK jet helmet in a neo-retro look, which is closely based on the ATV DRAK specially developed for all-terrain vehicles, the French show how fluid the boundaries between city and off-road driving can run. Since there can be no compromises in terms of safety, the SHARK X-DRAK is also presented with a robust helmet shell made of composite fiber glass that is extremely resistant to external forces. Thanks to the SLIM FIT design, the SHARK jet helmet weighs just 1,200 g. In order to fully comply with ergonomics, the helmet sizes XS - XXL are realized using two helmet shell sizes. The sophisticated ventilation system plays in a league of its own and shows its strengths particularly at low speeds in city traffic. At the top of the helmet, 6 ventilation elements ensure optimal air circulation, even when driving slowly. The airflow can be easily varied using two sliders, even when wearing gloves.

The integrated sun visor in the Shark X-Drak makes driving particularly pleasant on sunny days

Visor and interior

Good visibility is vital, especially in turbulent traffic - this is especially true for glare-free driving. The SHARK X-DRAK comes with an integrated sun visor, which is optionally available with the Sun Pack for the ATV DRAK. The fog-free and removable visor offers additional comfort. And even with a revolutionary ventilation system like the new SHARK open face helmet, body exhalations cannot be completely avoided. For hygienic reasons, the bamboo inner lining of the SHARK X-DRAK jet helmet can be easily removed, washed or replaced. The inner lining of the SHARK X-DRAK jet helmet is designed in such a way that glasses wearers can easily put on their visual aid = SHARK Easy Fit.

The Shark X-Drak combines elegant design and safe motorcycling

Design and comfort features

Whether on a scooter, motorcycle, enduro or MC machine - a biker with the SHARK X-DRAK jet helmet does not have to worry about a lack of attention. A jet helmet has seldom presented itself in a more stylish way. The ventilation elements on the top and on the side give the X-DRAK a look that is both sporty and elegant. Good communication with friends is also ensured. The French call their communication system Sharktooth. Elements such as the transmitter and receiver unit as well as loudspeakers are discreetly hidden under corresponding recesses in the inner lining. It is also convenient to put on and take off the motorcycle helmet. The SHARK X-DRAK jet helmet is equipped with a chinstrap clasp including a red buckle. A handle even with gloves and the clasp opens.

Conclusion: A SHARK jet helmet with a stylish neo-retro look that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of safety, comfort and design. Simply order online now in the helmet shop at

Datasheet: Shark X-Drak

  • 1200g
  • Two shell sizes
  • Comfort interior
  • Fiber, two shell sizes.
  • Removable inner lining
  • EasyFit for people who wear glasses
  • Ratchet closure
  • Tool-free visor change
  • Comfort interior
  • Bluetooth prepared