Shark S-DRAK

Shark S-DRAK
What the designers deliver with the SHARK S-DRAK is like a bang out of a drum. Admittedly, with a Motorcycle helmet bzw. Open Face Helmets the first priority is safety. But if you encounter the jet helmet SHARK S-DRAK with its breathtaking carbon design for the first time "on the road", you will find it hard to escape the sight. At least, that's how we felt when we held the SHARK S-DRAK with its neo-retro look in our hands for the first time. Let us tell you what's behind the sleek design with its minimalist lines. A whole lot!

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S-DRAK 2 TRIPP IN jet helmet
SHARK S-DRAK 2 TRIPP IN jet helmet
S-DRAK 2 TRIPP IN jet helmet
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Superlative helmet shell

First of all there is the characteristic helmet bowl made of carbon. Probably the "S" in the model name stands for "Superior" or "Sharp". Because the Open Face Helmet of the top class undoubtedly looks damn sharp. The carbon aramid fibers give the jet helmet SHARK S-DRAK its incomparable charm. And the French have succeeded in making the SHARK S-DRAK the perfect choice for a Harley overland trip or for a businessman in the city on a stylish electric scooter. Even those who ride for hours overland can do without the steeling of the neck muscles. Because the carbon jet helmet SHARK S-DRAK weighs just 1,000 g. With the test seal ECE-22/05 and extensively tested, the biker does not have to worry about safety.

  • Carbon helmet shell
  • weight 1000 g
  • Test seal ECE-22/05

The features of the SHARK S-DRAK

Optional and additional interior equipment in the Shark ATV DRAK with noise protection or privacy

Visor and helmet mask“

The well-known wisdom "Riding a motorcycle is not only nice weather" is also true for the biker with a SHARK S-DRAK. However, the motorized two-wheeler fan with the carbon jet helmet from SHARK looks forward to a rain shower in a relaxed manner - because there is no "needle stick alarm". The scope of delivery includes a fog-free visor (with tool-free quick-change visor system) as well as a stylish helmet mask, which is attached directly to the helmet. Despite the helmet mask, the biker does not have to accept any loss of good ventilation. Although rain, dust, dirt and insects are kept out, 6 ventilation slits provide a comfortable air supply, which drives the air circulation inside the helmet.

Interior design

We enjoyed the premium "gun metal" finish and the vintage details on the outside, and now we take a look inside the SHARK S-DRAK. The carbon jet helmet comes with an easily removable, washable and replaceable lining. The soft lining fits tightly but not tightly around the contours of the biker. This is also due to the fact that the sizes XS - XXL of the jet helmet SHARK S-DRAK are realized with two different sized helmet shells. Moreover, spectacle wearers do not have to fear that they will have to handle the visual aid in a complicated way. The SHARK S-DRAK is equipped with the Easy Fit System, which provides optimum comfort even for spectacle wearers. A closer look inside the helmet reveals the intended mounting position for the optional SHARKTOOTH. This is what the French call their Bluetooth-based communication system, which also ensures good entertainment during the ride in the SHARK S-DRAK Open Face Helmet.

Data sheet: Shark S-Drak

  • approx. 1000g
  • Carbon shell
  • Optimized side panel.
  • 2 tray sizes
  • Removable inner lining
  • Bluetooth prepared
  • Ratchet closure
  • Shark Easy Fit
  • Masek removable
  • Shark 5 Years Warranty