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With the Shark Helmet Evoline 3 from the "Discovery Division" model Series, the biker is indeed the discoverer of a new "open" mode of operation. The Shark Evoline 3 is available as well as the Shark Evoline 2 except both as a Flip Up Helmet and Full Face Helmet . With the new generation, the aerodynamics were advanced even further, which is reflected in the Shark Evoline 3, among other things, on the helmet's face in the open sight position and the air inlet on the front side. The Shark Helmet Evoline 3 is the perfect companion for the summer, be it on the motorbike or the scooter. With only one handle, the chin can be folded back at 180 ° (auto-up system) and enjoy the summer feeling.
The Lexan-polycarbonate outer shell, the test seal ECE 22.05 and the Micrometric ratchet clasp speak a clear language regarding safety in this motorcycle helmet. The removable and washable lining of CoolMax, as well as the ventilation on the chin, top and back of the head, will be sure to give you comfort during heat waves. The clear, scratch-resistant and Pinlock-free visor with integrated sun visor provides a clear view of the road ahead. Simply order a Shark Helmet now at the online helmet shop of