Sena Outstar


OUTSTAR jet helmet
SENA OUTSTAR jet helmet
OUTSTAR jet helmet
Instead of 199,00 € Price €135.15
OUTSTAR visor clear / scratch-resistant
SENA OUTSTAR visor clear / scratch-resistant
OUTSTAR visor clear / scratch-resistant
Instead of 21,99 € Price €18.69
OUTSTAR S jet helmet
SENA OUTSTAR S jet helmet
OUTSTAR S jet helmet
Instead of 259,00 € Price €220.15
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Nexx X.Vilitur with improved visor

Half shell helmet SENA OUTSTAR -
for the perfect sound

Since the SENA OUTSTAR half-shell helmet with its "sound properties" stands out among motorcycle helmets, we want to start the presentation today with this technical feature. Bikers who are spoiled by audio know the problem: Nothing really sounds "round" under a motorcycle helmet. But now comes SENA. The communication system offers audio quality in HD and is very comfortable to wear. Without additional installation, the SENA OUTSTAR can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and plays the desired playlist.

Telephone calls are just as easy with the 2-way intercom as detailed GPS announcements. Thanks to the integrated FM, nobody has to do without their favorite presenter on the breakfast radio on their way to work. SENA's patented Advanced Noise Control is responsible for the crystal-clear sound - wind noise is reduced to a minimum. Several bikers can exchange information over a range of up to 800 m with a talk time of 15 hours via HD intercom.
The SENA OUTSTAR then goes to the charging socket for 3 hours - and the audio pleasure continues.

Half shell helmet SENA OUTSTAR - safety, comfort and fun factor

The audiophile interior can be found in a helmet shell made of polycarbonate ABS and mult-density EPS. With this conception, the SENA OUTSTAR is a light but very robust full-face jet helmet.

Nexx X.Vilitur in different colors
The new Nexx X.Vilitur with optimized ventilation

Safety features and visor

The scratch-resistant full face visor with anti-fog coating and quick-change system offers the necessary protection against road dirt and annoying insects. A bright sun is welcome, however, the sensitive eyes are protected by the integrated sun visor. Once the SENA OUTSTAR has been securely put on using the chinstrap and ratchet lock, the fun begins. Ventilation openings on the top and back of the jet helmet ensure a cool head even in hot temperatures. The breathable, removable and washable padding also contributes to the hygienic feeling of freshness.

Sena Outstar sizes and conclusion

The SENA OUTSTAR, available in sizes S, M, L and XL, is very stylish in the colors black matt or white glossy. With a weight of 1,530 g, a light half-shell helmet that leaves a heavy impression. Conclusion: If you are out and about with good friends or your companion - and want to exchange ideas or listen to crystal-clear music, you can hardly ignore the SENA OUTSTAR.

Nexx X.Vilitur with unique sound insulation

Data sheet for the Sena Outstar