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Helmexpress Skishop - Ice cold protection for your head

For winter sport enthusiasts there is nothing better than the Winter season. The next ski holiday is long desired by every snowboarder and skier. We offer high-quality ski equipment for hobbyists as well as for professional athletes, which provides you with safety, comfort and functionality. At Helmexpress you will find all the well-known manufacturers of ski helmets, ski goggles and ski clothing.

Get well equipped with the ski shop of Helmexpress

In our ski and snowboard shop, you can buy accessories for winter sports. Enjoy the comfort of quality brand clothing as well as the safety of ski helmets and ski goggles. Complete equipment for winter sports includes these three components. The injuries that occur on slopes can be dangerous if there is not sufficient protection. Buy in our Ski Shop:


Skihelmets from our online ski shop: modern and safe

With the right ski helmet, serious injuries can be avoided. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional in skiing. We have Woman's ski helmets, Men´s ski helmet, als auch kids, ski helmets. The helmets are tested according to European standard 1077: 2007 and protect you in the event of a fall. Here a few things to consider when choosing a ski helmet: for a first-class helmet, both the shock absorption, the weight, the ventilation and the noise perception are deciding factors.
Ski helmets differ in two classes. Class A, which covers a very large area of protection and covers the ears and temples. Ski helmets of class B are also called half shell helmets. They are lighter and better ventilated but provide less protection than full-face helmets. In our Online Ski Shop you can choose between Ski helmets with and without visors. Decide from one of our top manufacturers:


Your skishop: Ski goggles for your protection

A good ski goggle is an essential equipment for all skiers and snowboarders. It provides protection for your eyes gives better visibility. The bright sun reflects very strongly in the snow, which is why tinted ski goggles are necessary. It also protects the glasses even in the case of falls and offers better perception on the slope through a unique tint. With UVA, UVB and UVC filters, intensified UV rays can not harm your eyes.
It is important when choosing ski goggles whether it guarantees adequate ventilation. Small ventilation slots in the spectacles ensure that no condensation occurs on the inside of the glasses, but at the same time, cold air does not reach the eyes. In our Online Ski Shop, you also choose between Woman's ski goggles or ski goggles for men or children. Well-known brand manufacturers can be found at Helmexpress, which offers you a high-quality, style and comfort.


Ski clothing in the skishop of Helmexpress

Complete equipment also includes appropriate ski clothing. First of all, this includes good functional underwear, which doesn't hold perspiration and keeps you warm at the same time. Natural fibres are suitable for functional underwear for skiing, but also high-quality mixed fibres are suitable for skiing. For icy days or long runs, you can buy a storm hood in our Onlineshop for skiing. It protects the face from the strong cold so that you will not get cold burns.
Protectors are also recommended, which should be part of the repertoire, especially for professional athletes. At fast speeds or also during stunts, these protectors offer excellent protection. In the end, the right ski jacket should also be used, which should be breathable, keeps you warm and does not allow moisture to enter from the outside. At Helmexpress you will find a wide selection of skiing gear for women, men and children. Time to take your Winter sports equipment out! The Online Helmet Shop from Helmexpress offers many well-known brands, which guarantees high quality, safe and comfortable clothing.