With this extraordinary motorcycle helmet from SHARK, the title already leads to "heated" discussions. Because the SHARK ATV DRAK is not only suitable as a stylish jet helmet for the city, but is also particularly suitable as a motocross helmet for the hot ride in the terrain. As a clear indication of this, the French designers have integrated the designation “ATV” into the model name. The team from shows what it's all about, what special features the SHARK ATV DRAK has - and why the farmers in Australia are among the absolute fans of the newly designed ATV helmet.

Table of Contents Shark ATV DRAK
01. ventilation system
02. Security
03. Equipment features
04. Communication system
05. Data sheet
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Unique ventilation system

The farmers in "down under" are faced with great challenges in their daily work. On ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), which are particularly powerful quads, they fight their way through rough terrain in hot temperatures. The problem: So far, a farmer has not used a motorcycle helmet or jet helmet because it just seemed too bulky and heavy to him; the handling turned out to be impractical and he felt too hot under the open face helmet - but then came SHARK. The SHARK ATV DRAK comes up with a completely newly developed ventilation system including a freely variable air flow. There are 6 ventilation elements on the top of the helmet, which can be easily controlled using two sliders. The air flow thus experiences a much stronger circulation than is usually the case. A major advantage, especially at slower speeds on off-road trails.

  • All terrain vehicles
  • New ventilation system
  • 6 ventilation systems

Helmet shell and visor - safety and foresight in the field

The SHARK ATV DRAK jet helmet with its robust fiber glass helmet shell offers the highest level of safety - be it for the city or in the field. Thanks to its construction and lightweight components, the SHARK ATV DRAK jet helmet weighs just 1,200 g. Once again, the French know how to cause a stir with their helmet design. The silhouette of the SHARK ATV DRAK with the side and top air inlets and the helmet shield attached with snaps is a feast for the eyes. The ATV DRAK jet helmet with ECE standard R 22-05 comes in two helmet sizes (sizes: XS to XXL) and is equipped with a fog-free visor. We also thought of people who wear glasses, who thanks to the integrated Easy Fit system can comfortably put on the visual aid.

The robust helmet shell of the Shark ATV DRAK ensures safety in traffic

The equipment features of the SHARK ATV DRAK

Optional and additional interior equipment in the Shark ATV DRAK with noise or privacy protection

Interior fittings and "optional packs"

It is not only on the Australian terrain that “commercial vehicles” are often noisy. If you want, you can equip your SHARK ATV DRAK jet helmet with noise protection. The removable interior clings softly around the contours of the helmet wearer - and still allows the air circulation described above. Another highlight are the optionally available “packs”. First there is the Sun Pack - for a glare-free trail or city trip. The Dust Pack keeps dust away from the biker and lets raindrops ricochet off. Even an insect screen can be attached to the SHARK ATV DRAK. If you want to take the open face helmet off again, just pull the red buckle briefly, the helmet fastener opens nicely - works wonderfully even with gloves.

Optional and additional interior equipment in the Shark ATV DRAK with noise or privacy protection

Communication and conclusion

In Australia, farmers use the SHARK ATV DRAK jet helmet to communicate using the optionally available Bluetooth system. The necessary equipment can be found on the underside of the helmet and behind the ear pads. This makes the SHARK ATV DRAK jet helmet perfect for small talk with friends while driving to the next trendy café. Conclusion: With the SHARK ATV DRAK, the designers from France have developed a jet helmet that meets the challenges of driving on the ATV or SSV (Side by Side Vehicle). What is good for the harsh climatic and scenic conditions in Australia can only be right here for quad, enduro, motorcycle or scooter trips. This makes the light and "airy" SHARK ATV DRAK equally ideal for terrain and city.

Datasheet: Shark ATV DRAK

  • approx. 1125g
  • Removable visor (with press studs).
  • Optimized side panel.
  • 2 shell sizes
  • Removable inner lining
  • Bluetooth prepared
  • Ratchet closure
  • Shark Easy Fit
  • 6 ventilation systems
  • Shark 5 Years Warranty