Motorcycle Helmts for Kids


What applies to motorcycle helmets for experienced bikers in general, applies to children's motorcycle helmets in particular. When children are on the tracks or racing or just mucking about on their bikes, falls are the order of the day. However, the first "ground contacts" are part and parcel of the sport and almost go without being noticed. Because of functional clothing, protectors and of course the children's motorcycle helmet, the budding terrain specialists are well protected. The prerequisite is, however, that the motorcycle helmet fits perfectly for children and the oncoming motorcyclist feels comfortable with it. Children and teenagers are often a little reckless and would possibly take out the bike without having their kids motorcycle helmet. In the interests of safety, the motorcycle helmets for children should not come from "cheap productions" and meet all the necessary standards – better yet surpass them. Moreover, last, but not least, a high-quality motorcycle children's helmet with elaborate varnishing is also an eyecatcher that fits into the stylish outfit and likes to be worn.



Kinder Motorradhelm

Parents are proud when their children seemingly effortlessly overcome gravity and make huge jumps. Good body control and feeling for the machine are in addition to the right motorcycle clothing and the child's motorcycle helmet prerequisite for the successful "ride over the terrain". Everything must be perfectly seated, but must not be restricted in order not to restrict freedom of movement. This is particularly the case for the kid's motorcycle helmet. This is why brand manufacturers such as HJC, Shoei, Nexx, Shark, Carberg or Schuberth also attach such great importance to safety in addition to wearing comfort. What use is the best motorcycle helmet if it slips off in a fall? A children's motorcycle helmet is recognisable from the characteristic chin section, which, unlike other full face helmets, has a greater distance from the chin. The helmet shield above the field of view protects against dirt, rain and sun in the terrain. If the kids motocross helmet is chosen without a visor, then the eyes should be protected with corresponding motorcycle goggles. Anti slip bands on the children's motorcycle helmet ensure that the MX Goggles do not slip. Moreover, since the weight of the sport always plays a role, children's motorcycle helmets only weigh between 1,000 and 1,500 g




Kinder Motorradhelm Markenprodukte

The ventilation in a children's motorcycle helmet is very important, especially in the case of welding work in the area. A motorcycle helmet for children like the shot furious kid has a ventilation in the chin and forehead area as well as at the back of the head. The lining should be removable and washable just in case of a children's motorcycle helmet. The flexible helmet visor can be replaced with aluminium screws and a double-d closure secures the child's helmet. When buying children's helmets, also be sure to pay attention to the sewn-in seal and the ECE 22.05 standard. Of course, children and teenagers are also safe on the road with the right kids motorcycle helmet. This can be a children's full face helmet from Caberg as well as a children's helmet from the manufacture Nexx. In the case of the children's motorcycle helmet in the half-shell helmet variant (= Children's helmet or children's open face helmet), the safety factor is not quite as high as the chin section remains open. With a motorcycle helmet for children from, the little ones are well equipped for the ride on the scambler or on the scooter to the nextstage of their adventure. When it comes to driving a little later, for example, a scratch-proof visor, adjustable ventilation, push-button closure, and a weight of just 1,050 g is best for all that off road fun.

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